Famous Local Guide

Scott Witherow

Chocolatier Extrodinaire

Tennessee’s only bean-to-bar chocolate company is such zany fun that it would make Willy Wonka envious. Founder Scott Witherow’s long history working in the Southern food industry inspired him to experiment with stone-grinding chocolate (just as grits are ground). When he opened Olive and Sinclair in 2007, the vintage labels and simply surprising flavor profiles made his work an instant hit. His chocolate soon was featured on some of the best menus around town, and chefs all over the south were vying to get a hand on his goods. But what really differentiated O and S was the partnerships Witherow cultivated with others in the food business (such as Allen Benton of bacon fame whose pork products found their way into O and S’s Smoked Nib Brittle). Now with an expanded operation in an 1890’s grocery store, O and S is East Nashville’s sweetest spot. Witherow fills us in on his Nashville go-to's.


Since you clearly know your sweets, where's the best piece of pie in town?

City House

"City House for sure! Rebekah (as in Rebekah Turshen, the pastry chef there) ALWAYS has some killer cake, pie, and/or ice cream goodness on the menu that is consistently just too stinking good."


What's your go-to special occasion restaurant?

Rolf and Daughters

"Rolf & Daughters. Phillip Krajeck and his team are crushing it over there. I wish I could eat his food (especially his chicken liver with green tomato and cocoa and whatever seasonal agnolotti they’re currently serving) every single day of my life."


Where's the best place to catch up with a good friend over good food?


"Without question, that would be Husk. Or at least that's where we'd start! A typical order would be almost the entire menu since everything is so killer. But if you had to narrow it down, then the oysters are always awesome, and you’ve got to get the pig ear lettuce wraps, fried chicken skins with Alabama white sauce, and barbecue octopus too. Most of my friends would say I'm there way too much."



What's your favorite touristy recommendation for Nashville?

Yazoo Brewing Company

"Making an effort to taste the city is what a tourist should do! Go to Yazoo brewery for a sample of some local beer, check out The Loveless Cafe, tour the Country Music Hall of Fame…and while I’m name-slinging, come on over and tour Nashville’s own chocolate makers at Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.!"


What's the best thing to do that visitors wouldn't know about?

"The Lane Motor Museum. Super cool spot with tons of great antique cars, trucks, scooters, and miscellaneous automobiles from back when they made things to last."