Famous Local Guide

Nada Taha

Top Talker

Known as the resident "know it all" on the Bobby Bones Show, Nada fills us in on her fav pizza spot, her ultimate indulgent meal in Nashville, and who she's dying to interview. Get to know this seriously cool babe and why we have such a girl crush on her.


As a self-described pizza lover, where do you go when the craving hits?

DeSano Pizza Bakery

"This one can’t be more of an easy answer for me--Desano’s! I’ve literally walked through snow (not that far!) to have a pizza birthday cake from there on my birthday one year."

Music Row

What is your ultimate indulgent meal in Nashville?

5th & Taylor

"I have food indecision problems unless I’m craving something and then I have my go to spots for pizza, Chinese, and Thai. But there is so much GOOD food here in town it’s almost unfair to indecisive people like me, haha. Dinner would have to be 5th & Taylor. Everything from the apps and drinks to the main course to dessert is beyond decadent. The fried chicken there is too good to even try to describe. Brunch can also be “indulgent” so I’d have to say the brunch buffet at Adele’s (didn’t know they had one? YUP). Or of course, Monell’s. Woof, that’s a good spot."


Who is the person you would be most excited to interview?

"My cat. Doesn’t everyone want to talk to their pet and find out why they do the things they do!? No? Just me? OK."


What is a must-do tourist attraction for out-of-towners?

Ryman Auditorium

"THE RYMAN. Go see a show there. FOR SURE. I can’t stress that enough. I’ve been to a million shows there and it never gets old. It’s so historic and there is a damn good reason why it’s called the Mother Church of Country. "

Drink of choice?

L.A. Jackson

"I’m definitely a scotch drinker or a good ol' Don Julio with water on the rocks. BUT right now, all I always want is a cold, bubbly glass of Prosecco. Love getting that at L.A. Jackson at the Thompson Hotel. The vibe there is so great. "


Favorite place to watch live music?

Ryman Auditorium

"See above--haha!"

Who is an up-and-coming local artist we should keep an eye on?

"I can’t stop listening to Ryan Hurd’s new stuff. And two of my best friends are Maggie Rose and Kelleigh Bannen who are just female power houses. So I’d have to also say keep an eye on them--they’re beautiful so it won’t be that hard for you."