Famous Local Guide

Wells Adams

Radio DJ/Bachelor

If you're from Nashville, you know Wells Adams from his hit radio shows on IHeartRadio's 105.9 The Rock and ALT 98.3. If you're not from Nashville, you know him from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. His best friend is a Bloodhound named Carl, and his love of dive bars and greasy food runs deep. Be sure and listen to Olio City's founder, Ellen, chat with Wells every Thursday on the radio to get you prepared for the weekend.


What's your guilty pleasure food?


"Dino's burgers, sandos at Mitchell's, or oysters at Rudy's. The burger from Dino's is so good. "

Lockeland Springs

Favorite place to watch local bands and up and coming talent?

"Either Basement. Basement East or the OG basement. But the best place is The Ryman. "

What's the best show you've seen at The Basement?

"I saw Cage the Elephant at both The Basement and The Basement East. The Basement show was years ago, and they actually did a live taping of their record "Thank You Happy Birthday." Then last year, they did a secret show there. "


You're from California. What's a Southern saying you've adopted?

"I do say "Y'all" now. But my favorite is "bless her heart" because it's the meanest nicest thing you can say. My least favorite one is "reckon," like "I reckon I'll...""

What's one thing the Nashville food scene is missing?

"Good Chinese food. I come from the Bay Area, and San Francisco has Chinese food down. We need that here. We have good Vietnamese, sushi, and Indian. We need really good Chinese food. And it needs to be deliverable to my house."

As Nashville's resident bachelor, what's your favorite place to take a date?

Urban Cowboy Public House

"El Jaliencience, my favorite dive Mexican restaurant, for tacos. Then drinks at Urban Cowboy, then a show at Basement East. And then...maybe dance at The 5 Spot."

Lockeland Springs

On this season of Bachelor in Paradise, you're the bartender. What's your drink of choice?

No. 308

"An Old Fashioned. Year round. An Old Fashioned to me doesn't have maraschino cherries in it. If you hand me one with cherries in it, I'm sending it back. No. 308 has my favorite one."

East Nashville