Famous Local Guide

Escondido, Part 2


How many bands have received a rave review from none other than David Lynch? We're guessing not that many. This Nashville-based duo has been making waves since their debut album, 'The Ghost of Escondido', was released in 2013. That album (which was recorded in a single day!) got them appearances on Conan, Nashville, and HBO's Girls. They released their 2nd album, 'Walking With A Stranger', in 2016, then headlined a national tour. We sat down with Jessica Maros to talk all things Nashville.


What's your guilty pleasure food?


"Animal fries at Dinos are my guilty pleasure! I’ve been in town a week and already had them twice they’re so good. I thought the animal fries at In N Out burger in LA would be the same but you can’t even compare. Not like Dino’s. Nope. HANDS DOWN THE BEST. Anytime I’m sad, throw those in front of me and I’ll giggle in delightful joy. "

Lockeland Springs

What's your favorite place to watch local bands?

"I used to LOVE the Stone Fox but that closed down, which was a sad day cause that place was rock n roll. Someone took me recently to a few art spaces that hosted shows in East Nashville and I was so impressed by these in house music shows that were happening. I think its great to think of outside of the box ways to play, I always love shows combined with art and fashion. I still love the basement on 8th to see shows. I’m nostalgic of all the talent I had witnessed and continue to witness in that venue. "

What's the most memorable show you've seen in town?

"Thats a really tough question for me! When I look back at the shows that made an impact in my life, those were my friends and peers. A band called The Silver Seaswith. I just loved his music back then and still do! A rock band called De Novo Dahl had one show that really blew me away. Those Darlins, Jessi Zazu, what she did for our community in punk rock and seeing her perform was an outright force of nature. Anytime I walk out of The Station Inn I feel like I need to take guitar lessons. I guess we just have too many good shows. "


Since you spend half your time in L.A., what's the Nashville scene missing?

"I’d love Nashville to have more healthy take out options. The one thing LA is amazing at are the different varieties of healthy food cafes that taste incredible. A poke bowl spot would be nice to have here too, a bowl of white or brown rice topped with your choice of sashimi tuna or salmon topped off with whatever toppings you’d like! Ginger, soy sauce, spicy sauce…it's yummmmmmy."

Who are you most excited to see at this year's Americana fest?

"Lukas Nelson, in fact. I'm about to step out the door to see him play. I'm sure every girl in that audience wishes he was their husband. Okay, I have to be honest: I have a little crush on him, but who doesn't!? he’s so genuine. I met him at LAX once and he made me feel like his best friend. If you can make anyone feel like their best friend, what's not to love… plus his new song has been on repeat all week. Now I’m blushing. "

What's your go-to meal after a show?

Hermitage Cafe

"I’ll go to the Hermitage Cafe for some eggs and hash browns. I feel like its the only late night place in town...or a slice of pizza at Five Points. The servers at the Hermitage Cafe always crack me up. I can’t imagine having to serve a bunch of drunk people all the time. I’m sure they have some stories to tell. "


Any new spots you've been to and loved?

"There is a cute place I just recently tried in Inglewood called Cafe Roze. I met a friend there for breakfast and felt like I was in Europe. White tiled floors, loved the layout and the long bar to sit at. I ordered a poached egg on quinoa with avocado and it was perfection. Super impressed! I just love food and I love supporting our small local businesses. I’m also a real fan of Sarah Gavigan at Little Octopus, I haven’t been to her new location yet but so proud to see her in her element. The food there is spectacular. "