Famous Local Guide

Amanda Valentine

Fashion Designer

There isn't much Amanda Valentine can't do. Her formative years in the fashion world were split between co-owning a vintage shop, managing some of Nashville's hottest boutiques, and playing bass in a garage rock band (of course). Since then, she's become a stylist to rock stars, a two-time contestant on Project Runway, and a rock star designer herself. Amanda is collaborating with designer Chrissy Fogerty and her brand, Fauxgerty, this Saturday, October 21st (noon to 6 PM), for a showcase of ethical fashion at her brand new Amanda Valentine Studio.


What's your favorite date spot in Nashville?

Margot Cafe & Bar

"Hands down: Margot. It’s a Nashville establishment. She was in East Nashville before anyone else. The menu changes frequently but the food is consistently AMAZING. Casual fine dining right in our neighborhood!"

You get to travel all over the world. Do you have a favorite food city?

"We are a bit landlocked in Tennessee, so whenever I am on ANY coast I devour seafood. Sushi in LA, oysters in NYC. I always try to take advantage of where I am and try their local delicacy!"

What's your favorite city for fashion inspiration?

"Tokyo. And I’ve never been (it’s on my bucket list!!) There’s an edginess to Japanese style that doesn’t mean necessarily dark. I love a little bit of the “anything goes” spirit."


Do you have a guilty pleasure dish?

Arnold's Country Kitchen

"Fried Chicken. Arnold’s. Done."

Green Hills

Do you have any favorite clothing shops in Nashville?

"The best vintage shop in town is Hip Zipper in East Nashville. Another local designer, Poni Silver, just opened a joint in East Nashville. That includes other local designers. Wilder Etudes in Edgehill is a killer clothing and home “concept” store. Their flagship in Germantown changes inventory frequently, too- which is such a fresh idea for retail. "

It's been a long day of work and you need a drink. Where are you going?

No. 308

"Funny you should ask because I often AM looking for a cocktail after work! I love 308. It’s another East Nashville establishment. Our neighborhood restaurant, Lockeland Table, has a great “community hour," their spin on a happy hour for those of us in the hood! A little west of where I am, I love Bastion (best bar nachos ever) and Old Glory (a bar built out in an old boiler room). Lucky for me, I’m never short of options!"

East Nashville

You're a favorite Project Runway alum. Who are you cheering on this season?

"This season rules! The final 6 are incredible! I really love Ayana Ife, and she went to school here in Tennessee! I also adore Kudzanai Karidza”s aesthetic. It’s a really solid group."