Famous Local Guide

Jimmy Sansone

Middle Man

Jimmy Sansone set out to create clothes that represent the spirit of the Midwest through his clothing line, The Normal Brand. Sansone is a born and bred St. Louisan and is the eldest of 10 children (let's take a moment of silence for how badass and brave his mom must be). His hobbies include tailgating, hunting and weekends on the lake. The Normal Brand's Midwest apparel reflects life spent living in the city and the country. To learn more and sport some normal wear of your own, check out their website.


Growing up in a Greek-Italian household, what are your favorite places in town for authentic Greek and Italian, respectively?

Paul Manno's Cafe

"For Italian food, my favorite has to be Paul Manno's. Paul is there almost every night and could convince me to get anything on the menu. No matter what, I always love it."


Michael's Bar & Grill

"For Greek food, I like Michael's on Manchester. I went there as a little kid with my Papou (grandpa). "


Describe St. Louis in three words?

"Authentic, loyal, family. "


Drink of choice?

Charcoal House

"Ketel One on the rocks, with an olive and sweet onion from Charcoal House. "

Rock Hill

Where would you go for a romantic night out with someone special?


"I like Sasha's Wine Bar on Demun - especially when they have live music."

Richmond Heights

Who are your fashion and business icons?

"My dad and my grandpa - the two hardest-working, best-dressed guys I know. They taught me from a young age that what you wear matters. It's a sign of respect for yourself and everyone you come into contact with."

A hidden gem of St. Louis?

Charcoal House

"I mentioned it earlier, but The Charcoal House is awesome. My great-grandfather used to eat at the same bar that's there now. That shows you how much history it has. It's run by two brothers from Greece (they are the best and always there), and the tenderloin tips, toasted bread and feta, and drinks are top notch."

Rock Hill