Famous Local Guide

Sarah Fenske

Local Voice

Fenske has lived in Cleveland, Houston, Phoenix and Los Angeles, but these days she calls St. Louis home sweet home. She's still adjusting to grown-up life after having a baby last summer -- but her real baby is the Riverfront Times, the local newspaper that's always right in the middle of everything St. Louis is talking about.


How long have you lived here, and how did you respond the first time someone asked you where you went to high school?

"I moved here in 2010 and then, after less than two years, moved to California for work. But I came back in 2014 and have been here ever since. It took me a little while to pick up on the high school question; I used to patiently try to describe my high school back in Ohio before I realized no one was remotely interested!"

When out-of-town guests visit, what are some of your go-to attractions to show off our city?

"I usually do a downtown loop - we walk around CityGarden, see the Arch grounds (they really are magnificent!) and then the Old Cathedral, which is the oldest building in St. Louis. "

Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar

"After that, drinks at Bridge. I have yet to find anyone who's not wowed by their cheese selection."



Biggest misconception people have about our fair city?

"People think it's classic Midwest. To me, it's very Southern in many ways."

In a town known for its barbecue, what is your go-to?

Salt + Smoke, BBQ Bourbon and Beer

"I love Salt + Smoke - unlike its rivals, you don't have to stand in line and be jostled to get top-notch barbecue. And that mac-n-cheese slays me."

The Loop

Top spot for kid-friendly dining?


"So fun to watch the soda being bottled!"

The Loop

Three words to describe living in STL?

"Laid-back, low-key, affordable."