Famous Local Guide

Sherrie Castellano

Kitchen Aficionado

St. Louis based kitchen aficionado, Sherrie Castellano is the founder of the website, With Food + Love, which she started back in 2013. The website is based on a gluten-free and largely plant-based diet, and explores her passions for wellness, food, storytelling, and photography. Aside from her work work with the website, she hosts seasonally inspired pop-up dinners, and is a contributing writer and photographer for many brands and magazines in the world of food and health.

Favorite neighborhood in St. Louis and why?

"Oh man, there are so many great things popping up in The Grove right now. But, Hi-Pointe is probably where you'll find me most."

What is your favorite early morning fix?

The Mud House

"Anything from The Mud House. Their slinger along with a Cup of Sunshine is pure joy."

Cherokee Street

Do you have a favorite spot in town for gluten free dining?

Katie's Pizza & Pasta

"Not really. My diet largely consists of plants and naturally gluten-free foods, so it's generally easy for me to eat at most places that have a simple, fresh approach. Some of my favorites right now are Katie's Pizza & Pasta, Público, and Boundary."


As a self-professed Negroni lover, who makes the best in town?


"Haha, I do love a good Negroni. Basso makes a perfect one. I literally cannot say no to it."

Richmond Heights

Any other cocktail spots that get your vote?

Olive + Oak

"The bar program at Olive + Oak is killing it right now."

Webster Groves

What is your favorite attraction to show off St. Louis to out of town guests?

Forest Park

"Art Hill at Forest Park. It speaks for itself."

Forest Park

Being Italian American and being married to an Italian, we imagine you have a pretty high bar for Italian food. What is your favorite Italian place in town?


"Acero. They're doing Northern Italian food real well."


An STL event you go to every year and why?

"The Great Forest Park Balloon Race. It's magical. My husband and I pack a picnic, grab a bottle of rosé, lay on a blanket, stare up at the sky and take it all in."

What is a romantic date night place you enjoy for special occasions?

Demun Oyster Bar

"Demun Oyster Bar. As native east coasters, something about their vibe and food feels real comfortable to my husband and I."


As a mainly plant-based eater, what is your favorite vegan dish in town, and where can we get it?

Mai Lee

"The vegetarian spring rolls (per request) at Mai Lee dunked in sriracha are my go-to standbys."


What is next for you?

"I'm really happy right now writing and photographing for FEAST Magazine, developing content as an influencer on my own website, while also managing the marketing for Big Heart Tea Co. But hosting more pop-up dinners is definitely a priority. Perhaps finding a permanent space of my own. We’ll see. My pop-ups were created with human connection in mind, while showcasing the farmers and makers that make the Midwest awesome. Events take place about every six week. You can find more information on my website: http://withfoodandlove.com/pop-up-events/"