Famous Local Guide

Simon Lusky


Simon Lusky has been the head chef for the St. Louis Cardinals since the 2010 season. If that wasn't a full-time job in itself, the young entrepreneur is also the owner and founder of Revel Kitchen (formerly Athlete Eats) in Brentwood. We caught up with the chef to hear about his favorite places around town and to talk a little Cardinals baseball.


How has cooking for the Cardinals shaped the kind of chef you have become?

"It has really helped me become a well rounded chef. Cooking for such a diverse group, everyday I am able to cook multiple types of cuisine."

Favorite style of cooking? And what is your dream restaurant concept you hope to bring to reality one day?

"My favorite style has to be family style. It's great being able to sit at a big table with friends and family and share great food and funny stories. I feel like with Revel Kitchen I have been able to bring my dream concept to reality. I want to be able to fuel people in a healthy way with great tasting fresh food. Revel is well on its way to doing that!"

When you are in the mood for a good cocktail, what are some of the places you head to?


Botanical Heights


Taste Bar

Central West End

The Fortune Teller Bar

Cherokee Street

Pickiest eater on the team?

"I would say that the whole team is pretty easy going and everyone has a few things that they might not like. If I had to pick guy I would have to say Randal Grichuk, but we are slowy converting him to being more adventurous."

Your wife Angelica is Puerto Rican, does she have a favorite place for Latin inspired fare?


"El Fritanga on Jefferson makes some great Caribbean-Latin food, great little hole in the wall."

McKinley Heights