Spencer Pernikoff

Famous Local Guide

Spencer Pernikoff

Blogger + Olio's COO

Spencer Pernikoff has most people’s dream job. As the writer of one of St. Louis’ most popular food blogs, Whiskey and Soba, he gets to eat and photograph his way through all the best food of St. Louis. And now he's joined Olio as Business Operations Manager! Read on to discover Spencer’s favorite places to get his grub on - but be prepared to get hungry.


It's early morning, where do you get your caffeine fix?

Living Room

"Black coffee—at home. I always have beans from local roasters ready to go, like Sump, Stringbean, and Kuva. I'm pretty obsessed with Living Room's "Bitt's Cold Press." It's become a constant in my fridge."


What is your ideal comfort food and where do you get it in town?

Mai Lee

"I'm always torn between Asian and Western comfort food. It's either bun bo hue at Mai Lee..."


Brasserie by Niche

"or basically anything at Brasserie. The whole vibe—decor, lighting, staff—just feels homey to me."

Central West End


Favorite place to go to catch a game?

Sportsman's Park Restaurant

"It's a tight fit, but Sportsman's Park in Ladue. I love how old school it is, and there's nothing I enjoy more than eating their enormous chicken strips while watching a game."


A hidden gem in St. Louis?

Salume Beddu

"Salume Beddu. Their salami is sold everywhere now, but I don't think people realize Marco Sanfilippo is an incredible chef. Their sandwiches are amazing, and their Saturday specials are perfection. "

Lindenwood Park

Most recently you lived in SE Asia, where is your favorite place to get Asian cuisine?

Fork & Stix

"The place that takes me back instantly is Fork & Stix. It's the only one that can transport me. The Northern Thai dishes taste exactly how I remember them tasting. I get all nostalgic while slurping down a bowl of her Khao Soi or the sai oua sausage and sticky rice."

The Loop

What is your go-to cocktail and some of your favorite places to imbibe in town?

Taste Bar

"I get bored easily, so I don't have a go-to cocktail. I just don't like vodka (my Russian ancestors must be turning in their graves). My favorite places to drink are Taste, Publico, and Olive & Oak. Chelsea Little, O&O's bartender, is a future star in this city. "

Central West End