Famous Local Guide

Gerard Craft


St. Louis' first James Beard winning chef, Gerard Craft, is the city's patron saint of good eats. With five of the city's best restaurants under his belt (Sardella, Pastaria, Brasserie, Taste, and Porano), it's safe to say that taking his recommendations will lead to culinary nirvana.


What is your guilty pleasure food?

"Orange Freeze from Lion's Choice."

What is the one dish at Sardella that diners can't miss?

"Charred butternut squash, roasted garlic custard, red pepper jelly, calabrian chili vinaigrette, and basil."

Favorite neighborhood in STL?

"University City. There’s such amazing architecture, and it’s our mini melting pot of different cuisines. It holds our version of Chinatown with so many various dining options. With the Loop and Wash U, it makes the whole area feel super energetic and vibrant."


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