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Lance Lynn

Pro Athlete

It's hard to believe Lance Lynn is the third-longest tenured Cardinal, currently in his seventh season with the team. Known on the mound as a fierce competitor, he possesses an old school baseball mentality along with a dry sense of humor. A World Series champion, an All-Star, and a proud Ole Miss Rebel are some of the things you might already know about him, but we wanted to know more. What's kept this Indiana boy in St. Louis, not just during the season, but in the off-season as well?


This is your seventh year in St. Louis, do you have a favorite neighborhood or area of town?

"The CWE has been my home for the past few years. I like being able to walk everywhere and the restaurants stay open later so I can get food after the games."

Do you have any favorite spots in the CWE?

Retreat Gastropub

"Gamlin Whiskey House and Retreat Gastropub. We celebrated my 30th birthday at Retreat last month. "

Central West End

Favorite moment thus far in your career at Busch Stadium?

"Winning the World Series in my first year in the big leagues is hard to top. "


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