Famous Local Guide

Chrissy Fogerty

Fashion Designer

Chrissy Fogerty took a love for fashion and turned it into St. Louis' most talked about clothing brand, Fauxgerty. With a collection of cruelty-free womenswear focused on sustainability and ethical production, she creates mindful, contemporary garments. Bonus: her nation-wide pop up tour takes her to Nashville this weekend! She's collaborating with designer and Project Runway alum Amanda Valentine at her studio for a showcase of ethical fashion, this Saturday, October 21st, noon to 6 P.M.


What is your favorite date spot in STL?

"I love I Fratellini because it’s so quaint and old school. Plus, you can’t beat Italian food, in my humble opinion. "

You get to travel all over. Do you have a favorite food city?

"I have to go with my (maybe obvious) first reaction: I visit Los Angeles quite a bit and love all the options. I appreciate a place where I can go to most restaurants and find something good."

What's your favorite city for fashion inspiration?

"Since I live in Saint Louis, I think this inspiration stays local for me. I love seeing personal aesthetic speak through everyday choices. To me, that is your personal style, when you make every day a form of self-expression."


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