National Blues Museum


Opened in April 2016, this beautiful museum traces the history of blues music and its impact on American music. Follow the genre’s origins in the Deep South to its influence on rock ‘n’ roll and modern day music.

The Vibe

Wandering through the Museum feels like exploring a historical scrapbook come to life. The friendly staff are more than happy to answer questions, and there are plenty of opportunities for visitor interaction with the exhibits.

Known For

Celebrating the musical influence (and excellence) of historically marginalized groups, including African-American and female blues artists.

Why Go Here

Whether you’re a diehard blues music fan or not, the museum has enough historical information and toe-tapping jams to please a spectrum of visitors. The interactive exhibits make a trip to the museum an engaging experience, from a jam band exhibit that allows visitors to play instruments along with a local jug band, to DJ-style booths where visitors can create their own music mixes and album covers. Locals will also be proud of the museum’s focus on St. Louis’s connection with the blues, from Albert King to Tina Turner and Chuck Berry.

Keep In Mind

Young children may get bored of the reading-heavy exhibits, but children age eight and up will be dazzled by the many videos and interactive exhibits. The museum is smack-dab downtown - perfect to swing by before you head to the nearby City Museum or Gateway Arch, but not so perfect for parking. Check the museum’s website for parking garage suggestions, or utilize street parking further west along Washington Avenue.

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