Off Broadway

Benton Park

See your favorite indie band at this small but charming venue. Off Broadway boasts a full bar and gravel courtyard outside for warming up before the show, plus an additional bar inside and two levels to check out the music - a small number of seats upstairs, and standing room downstairs.

The Vibe

The vibe inside this old brick building is hip and intimate - you can be just a few feet away from the band if you’re up for standing through the concert. There are few frills here, though; the focus is on the music.

Known For

Hosting musical acts like Dawes, Norah Jones, and Tune-Yards, and events like TwangFest 20.

Why Go Here

See a band up-close-and-personal and enjoy some craft beer while you do.

Keep In Mind

The bar doesn’t offer many wines to choose from, and the bathrooms are not the cleanest you’ve ever seen - if you’re not up for standing through a concert, you might want to head elsewhere.

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